Operation CASTLE's 15 MT Bravo early fireball with Compton Effect lightning, March 1, 1954

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Section 3, Operation HARDTACK Military Effects Studies (1958): High Altitude

The Redstone launch pad is to the far right of this flyover view of Johnston Island:

USS Lansing (DER-388) used her VHF radar for pod and nosecone tracking on shot TEAK. Lansing also retrieved an instrument pod after a P2V spotted it two hours after the shot.

During some other shots she ran search and rescue patrols, along with the USS Joyce (DER-317), eventually recovering 13 nosecones in total.

It's unknown what the original colors of his Aloha shirt were:

MV Acania presumably in the shadow of a cloud:

A closeup of the dish during an evening scene:

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