Operation CASTLE's 15 MT Bravo early fireball with Compton Effect lightning, March 1, 1954

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Operation Dominic Nuclear Tests 1962

I am finally posting segments of this film as my scene color restorations are rendered.

Posting these scenes is not a nod to a completion. This is a live project, and therefore each scene is open for revision as new ideas emerge toward improvements.


USAS American Mariner, a US Army technical research vessel, tracked ballistic missiles and radar beacon-equipped rockets during the high altitude nuclear tests.

The following scene was a horrific struggle, which I blame on the bad source. Intense color bleeding and color anomalies in the faded source. Bad red noise lingers in the equipment assemble pipe (on the crane).

The random color dropouts and color dye bleeds are spectacular in the source, for this scene. Red hotspots pop up randomly, and are easy to fix,

This was a practice of fireball instrument pod retrieval, before the active nuclear tests. Note the large, unloaded, white Strypi rocket launcher in the background. It appears as a tall, white post, with a horizontal boom in its non-operational orientation.

Lt. General Alfred Starbird met with Army Nike battery commanders at Johnston Island:

Comparison, before and after

Comparison, before and after